Among Us Template

After 2 MONTHS ! Of hard work ! :muscle:
I present to you… ! :drum:
Impostor Alert Template ! :fire:
With so many advanced mechanics including:

  • All Among Us game mechanics
  • Up to 7 players online multiplayer.
  • Lobby.
  • Live minimap.
  • Chat system.
  • Events optimization, and much more !
    You can now easily make your next Among Us game ! :heart_on_fire:
    Get it → Modify it → Sell it :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: or Learn from it :wink:

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Impostor Alert Template - review :blush:
(The template supports PC & Mobile :wink:)

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Pushed a new update !
to Impostor Alert Template :heart:

Update log:

  • Replaced the ICE server with a new stable one.

  • Replaced the ICE server comment tutorial with a new one, you can follow in Main Menu scene → Very top comments.

Quick update !

​Update log:

  • Added (Disable IP sharing) action into the project (Full protection for IP).

  • Updated the Main Menu scene comments.

Hello! Is it possible to modify the tasks as quiz?

For sure !
Everything can be modified in the template, you just need to replace the task mechanic with the quiz mechanic.

Is there a tutorial on the template on how I can change it to quiz mechanic? Sorry, I’m really new to game development. We are trying to make a quiz game but to make it more fun, we would like to adapt the among us concept but instead of doing random tasks, we will change it to random questions with multiple choices or text input.

The template itself is a tutorial (all events are commented), but a tutorial to change the template tasks from their mechanic to quiz mechanic, no, you need to learn how THNK works (the template should teach you that as well), then you can add/change template mechanics however you like.

Thank you! I’ll try to learn the basics first, and hopefully I can manage to develop it as a quiz game :))

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Pushed a massive update ! :fire:

Update log:

  • Added Public lobbies system
  • Players can host public lobbies now, so other players can join them in a single click.
  • Players can set a custom name for their lobby name.
  • Up to 10 public lobbies (you can increase the number as much as you want in the template events)
  • Public lobbies’ auto refresh every 5 seconds to check for available lobbies.
  • Dead lobbies (lobbies that have 0 players in it) will automatically get deleted from both the database and from the public lobbies page.
  • Each lobby shows the lobby name and the number of players currently in that lobby.
  • Public lobbies are auto sorted based on the number of players in the lobby (from top to bottom).
  • Added Private lobbies system
  • Players can host private lobbies now, so only other players who got the code can join.
  • The generated code length is 4 digits (you can increase/decrease the length in the template events).
  • The dead generated codes (the one that is left in the database with no host) will automatically get deleted from the database.
  • Changed the collection name “Lobbies” in Database to “PrivateLobbies” and added another collection called “PublicLobbies” since now we got 2 type of lobbies (Public/Private).
  • Added Stop server action when the host disconnect (to make sure the server is off).
  • Replaced the action (disconnect peer from broker server and all clients) with the action (disconnect peer from all clients), no need to disconnect from the broker server (saves time in connection).
  • Player can’t press “Join now” if the (enter host ID) parameter is empty (to avoid Firebase error showing).
  • Commented every new event, and updated few comments.
  • Updated all the variables (conditions/actions) in the template to the new variables (conditions/actions).
  • Declared all variables in the template.