Fighting Template

Another month of hard work ! :muscle:
to present to you… ! :drum:
Fighting Template :facepunch:
With many combos, advanced fighting mechanics, abilities, smart AI, and much more !
You can now easily make your next Street Fighter game :fire:
Get it → Modify it → Sell it :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: or Learn from it :wink:

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Pushed an update: :fire:
Update log:

  • Added a small text at the bottom of Selecting character menu, it will help the players to know what is the controls to Move/Select their character.

  • Added a simple event for the text

    • If the player is in 1 Player mode, it shows controls for player 1.
    • If the player is in 2 Players mode, it shows controls for player 1 & player 2.