Candy Crush Template

After 1 month of hard work ! :muscle:
I present to you :drum:
Candy Crush Template :candy:
With so many advanced mechanics in the template, this should help you take your GDevelop skills to the next level ! :arrow_up:
And allow you to make match 3 games easily :fire:
Get it β†’ Modify it β†’ Sell it :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: or Learn from it :wink:

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You must be a mind reader, I have spent the last 3 days working on a Match3 type (for mobile/touchscreen). I got the drops and swap movements down, and I spent today trawling through countless game dev communities looking for logic and algorithms to try to translate into my project. Omg I had no idea how complex it would be…

Everyone needs to appreciate the sheer amount of work you put into this template because the logic for this type of game is no joke!

I’m going to give myself a time limit to figure it out myself, and then if I can’t I’ll get yours because it looks simply AMAZING. Well done, it looks very polished and perfect.

Actually even if I figure out some semblance of how to do it myself, I’m going to get yours when I’m done anyway because it would be fun to compare methods and also your epic effort deserves to be rewarded.

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Thank you <3
Glad you find it helpful :3
I hope my templates help as many devs as possible :smiling_face:

Have bug !!!
The two blocks fell behind the other blocks.

Oh !
thats weird, ill take a look, thanks for reporting it :slight_smile:

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Pushed a bug fix update ! :slight_smile:
Update log:

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes candies overlaps.

  • Rearranged group events, for better understanding and more user-friendly.

@vankizzle Thank you for reporting the bug, hopefully it will not appear after this update :heart:

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