Online Multiplayer Template

Another month of hard work ! :muscle:
To present to you… ! :drum:
Online Multiplayer Template :fire:
Using THNK extension :hammer_and_wrench:
With Lobby/SynceObjects/SmartKickingPlayers System/Anti-Cheat system/Usernames/and much more !
You can make your next online multiplayer game, and learn THNK in no time ! :muscle:
Get it β†’ Modify it β†’ Sell it :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: or Learn from it :wink:

Available at my itch page:

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Thanks for your hard work. God bless.

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Thank you so much <3

Pushed an update:
Update log:

  • Updated THNK version in the template.

  • The template now works on all GDevelop versions (including the latest version/Fast loading scenes). :fire:

Enjoy :sparkling_heart:

ah crap! i dont want to pay for this

That’s unfortunate.
But thank you for your kind words :slight_smile: