Terraria Template

After 1 month of hard work :muscle:
I present to you :drum:
Terraria Template :fire:
With so many advanced mechanics in the template, it should help you get your skills up to the next level and help you create any Crafting/Survival game in no time ! :wink:
Now you can make your next Terraria/Survival game without any doubt :sunglasses:
Get it → Modify it → Sell it :dollar:

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Terraria Template price is now $3.99 ! :tada:
and so does every template I will make after it !

Well, after taking the time to listen to your valuable feedback and consulting with experts in the field, I realized that my previous pricing was targeting larger companies and missing out on the vibrant indie developer community that I am a part of, So to ensure that my templates are accessible to as many passionate indie devs as possible, I have changed my pricing strategy on Terraria template, and for every template I make after it, all of them will be priced under $5 :rocket:

Thank you for your support and feedback :heart:

  • Released a minor update :hammer_and_wrench:
    • Changed the template name to Crafting Template.
    • Changed the title in game as well to Crafting Template.

Pushed an update :muscle:to my

Crafting Template :axe:

Bug fixes, Variables update, Extensions update, and more ! :star_struck: