ViewPort or Canvas Sizing function needed

I’ve been experimenting with making a Minimap similar to Metroid or Castlevania games. I actually have all of the events functioning (dynamic room count, highlight current room, etc) and the map objects set up on a separate MiniMap layer, only to realize that there’s no way for me to only display a portion of the minimap layer.

GD4 had a layer viewport/camera size option, which is what I was originally assuming I was going to use in GD5. GD4 Wiki info
Unfortunately, this option doesn’t exist in GD5 as far as I can see, even though there’s mention of height/width of cameras in the GD5 wiki: GD5 Wiki Page

WIthout this, there’s no way to only show a small portion of the map to be used as the MiniMap in the UI.

With this in mind, I’d like to request an option to change a camera’s viewport size, or the ability to make a layer not be the same size as the screen/window.

If functionality like this exists already, please let me know.

For reference, here are some examples from Super Metroid:
The full map displayed

Only a small portion of that same map displayed on the upper right corner of normal gamepla

You can see my almost-but-not-quite attempt here before I realized you can’t do Canvas/Viewport functionality

As a followup, it appears what we need is at least the “Render Zone” functionality back from GD4/Native, as mentioned here: Render zone of camera

This would accommodate everything needed for a MiniMap.

What was done yesterday is not as easy to Archieve today. We have a completely different rendering tool that gives up many functionalities for enabling web games to be done. If you find a way to do such thing with the PIXI Renderer, post it here and devs will probably implement it.

This cannot be done because it would require support for several rendering instances with Pixi.

It’s the same problem as the split screen, and the multiple camera.

All these things are not currently available.
There are remains of the engine of GD4 in GD5. So there are still the camera inputs for 1,2,3… but it’s useless.

If a user sees a project with the PixiJS engine that uses multiple instances of rendering actually we will take a closer look.

So this post is related to:

And maybe others \o/

Thanks @Bouh, @arthuro555.

So keeping in mind that I’m waaaay outside the coding space anymore, but is this what you’re talking about?

It was designed for RPGMaker, but seems to be solving the same issue for PIXI 4.0 and newer, unless I’m misunderstanding.

I also looked into some Phaser 3 exampels, and it seems like they’re using the “RenderTexture” function of Pixi.JS?

Edit: One more:

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The last link looks the most promising. I have way too much projects (some I didn’t had the time to begin) so I don’t think I will code that but if in the future still nobody has tried, I will try to implement it .